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~ Rain Bird 5004PC pack of 2. Oversized wiper seal prevents leaks and protects internals from debris. Rain Curtain nozzles deliver even distribution over the entire radius including large wind resistant droplets and gentle close-in watering resulting in greener turf using less water. A history of proven performance and reliability tested in millions of installations. Self-flushing arc adjustment port that prevents buildup of debris. 5 year trade warranty. Precipitation rate: 5 to 38 mm/h. Radius: 7.6 to 15.2 m. Radius may be reduced up to 25%% with radius reduction screw. Pressure: 1.7 to 4.5 bar. Flow Rate: 0.17 to 2.19 m3/h. Reversing full- and part-circle adjustment from 40 - 360 Degrees. Standard nozzle trajectory of 25 Degrees. Low angle nozzle trajectory of 10 Degrees. MPR nozzles varied nozzle trajectory between 12 - 25 Degrees. Included: 2 Pop-up Rotors.
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